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An ActiveX control that implements design, view and printing capabitlities in one. It acts like a simple report generator and as a browser and editor at the ssame time. Supports barcodes, images and other graphical elements which you can put on the labels. With Active Label the WEB and the Windows developers can integrate all the labeling tasks into their applications. This is especially useful for the WEB applications where by integrating the Active Label ActiveX the developer allows the users to design, view print labels without leaving the application (in-place). It supports both direct database connectivity and internal cache that can be filled from the server-side the same manner the WEB pages are filled with data. Another important thing about Active Label is that it looks very much like the browser itself. For example the DHTML developers can change the images on the label by changing their Src property, can change the entire label by changing its Src and so on. Furthermore the ActiveX supports even upload/post. In other words when you implement online label editing the user can refer local resources and then they can be uploaded to the server from where they will be referred in the future. This gives an extremely easy way to manage label design repository as integral part of the application without diviation from the main job. In fact with Active Label the border between the local and remote resources does not exist and of course there are appropriate security features to prevent security breaches. All the features packed in one remove the need of cumbersome solutions and walk around techniques. With very little effort the developer can put a complete label design and printing solution in a WEB page and integrate it with the entire application without need to direct the users to external applications for any related tasks.

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